My experience of doing internship in Shaukat Khanum Hospital was great. It gave me a chance to come close to the cancer patients and interact with them closely. All the children here were lovely and innocent. One moment which I especially remember was with a child who was two years old. I played with him and tried to make him happy. It seemed that he was very much fond of ludo, so I played this game with him for as long as he liked. The next day he even crawled into my lap. I was surprised to notice that he was coming so close to me as even though he was only two years old. He did not speak much but a smile on his face really made me feel happy. It was then that I genuinely thought I had to make a cancer patient happy. The overall experience of spending time with these children suffering from this fatal disease was amazing. I pray to God Almighty for early recovery of all the patients being treated in this hospital. I also pray for the wellbeing of the supporters of this institution, especially of the founder, the great Imran Khan. KHUNSHA ALTAF, Lahore, May 25