LAHORE - Ministry of Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs (Revenue Division), have issued new notification No:SRO448(I)12011 dated 21.05.2011 through which it has been prescribed that the exemption of Sales Tax under notification No: SRO575(I)12006 dated 05.06.2006 shall not be applicable to Sr. No.2 1 & 23 maintaining thereby that the exemption on machinery, equipment and other capital goods imported by industrial concerns and machinery equipments imported by other importers is not more available, says a press release. It means that machinery imported by the industrial purposes by commercial importers shall be liable to pay Sales Tax and Income Tax. The previously available exemption of Sales Tax has now been withdrawn. Traders strongly protest on this unfriendly act of Ministry of Finance and request them to reinstate previous status of SRO 5 75(1)/2006 in full spirit.