LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said Shaheed Lieutenant Yasir Abbas of Pak Navy has set a glaring example of gallantry and courage by taking on the terrorists valiantly and made entire nation feel proud by having laid down his life. 'The Shaheed will live forever, he said, while expressing his condolences to Yasirs family at their residence on Wednesday. He hoped that the blood of martyrs would yield results in eliminating the terrorism and, the country would become haven of peace. He offered Fateha for the departed soul. Earlier, talking to media persons at the Allama Iqbal International Airport upon his return from London, he said while in London he came to know about the tragic incident of terrorism at PNS Mehran. He said terrorists had challenged the security capabilities of the country through their condemnable activities. He observed the tragic incident was a matter of concern for them, which the entire nation was perturbed over the incident. Shahbaz expressed the hope that the investigation of the incident of terrorism at the PNS Mehran would be in the right direction and the nation would be informed about its results. Responding to a question, he said he had given a proposal two/three months ago that all segments of the society, including politicians and Pak Army, should go for joint brainstorming and evolve a joint strategy to cope with the menace of terrorism. He opined that the incident of terrorism at PNS Mehran had provided them an opportunity to review the security matters afresh and take solid steps for removing the shortcomings. Shahbaz said that militants attack on Mehran Base was a challenge for law-enforcement and intelligence agencies. He said repeated attacks at sensitive places like GHQ, PNS Mehran Base and security personnel have left question marks on our security arrangements to cope with extremism and terrorism. The CM said it was not time to waste our energies to unveil the misdeeds and weaknesses of others and we needed to join hands for exerting joint efforts to save the country from all kinds of evils. Shahbaz said that some months earlier he had suggested military and political leadership to sit together for discussing and adopting strategies regarding security issues but no heed was paid towards the proposal and today we needed it intensely. He also demanded the concerned authorities to probe Mehran attack and bring the facts to light.