The FC Commandant Akbar Khan Hoti at Peshawar, during a hearing of National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior on Tuesday, revealed that he resisted pressure from Deputy Speaker National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi to recruit 19 men on a preferential basis and that provoked Mr Kundi to level allegations of making illegal appointment against him. His statement brings into focus the well known ubiquitous menace of favouritism in our country. Broadly speaking, nepotism or the tendency to use influence to benefit favourites has become so common a practice in Pakistan that it has come to be considered quite normal in conducting the affairs of the state. The Commandant FC deserves a word of praise for not allowing a political heavyweight to tinker with merit, and to hear about the leader of the stature of Mr Kundi stooping to favouritism and then resorting to blackmail to have his way is a sad reflection on the state of our leadership. That our political bigwigs do not even spare as vital a security institution as the Frontier Constabulary to fit in their blue eyed boys who lack the required attributes is a sad commentary on their sense of security. One can imagine the state of other government departments as well. These are times when extreme care and diligent attention ought to be given to each and every individual who is being considered for appointment in a law enforcement agency, as he is assigned the vital task of looking after the life and property of the citizens as well as guarding sensitive installations. It is, thus, clear that the norm of undeserving appointments and other avenues of corruption would continue to throw opportunities to the enemy that is trying to hit not only the security set-up of the country, but the citizenry in general. The matter of allegation and counter-allegation as transpired in the National Assembly needs to be thoroughly investigated and the culprit given befitting punishment.