Adding to the long list of heroes who have laid down their lives for the survival of Pakistan is the name of twenty three year old Lieutenant Yasir Abbas. The handsome young brother of three sisters, Yasir was to be married in four months time, an occasion that was never on the cards for him. For he was to embark on a journey, not of holy matrimony, but to a more divine and rewarding realm. It was to be a glorious world free from worldly difficulties and the menace that separated him from all those that had ever loved him. This war has seen many soldiers of the armed forces offering themselves, their lives and even their dreams for our future, to provide us with a hope of peaceful and harmonious days. Loud and accurate was the stance taken on youm-e-shuhada, that none of the great sacrifices of our valiant soldiers, linked inextricably with the eternal love for the land of our forefathers, can ever be forgotten by us. Following the unprecedented and glorious traditions of his predecessors, Yasir too paid the richest tribute to his nation. His actions, undoubtedly, preceded his words to convey his love for his country and the honesty with which our soldiers perform. The views of the Pakistani public reveal the dependability and trust invested in their beloved heroes and warriors. It is now up to us to keep the memory of these brave and courageous men alive in our hearts and minds. It is the duty of the entire nation to pay a collective tribute to our heroes as they represent the true national character of Pakistanis as courageous and fearless people and always mange to make us proud. UMAR QAYYUM MALIK, Lahore, May 2