LONDON (APP) - A protest rally led by British member of Parliament Lord Nazir Ahmed and the British civil society was held Wednesday against US drone attacks in Pakistan as the visiting US President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of the UK Parliament. The largely attended gathering outside the parliament joined Lord Ahmed and other noted community leaders from the Pakistani Diaspora including members belonging to UK Chapter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Karvan-e-Fikar, International Imam Hussein Council and Association of Pakistani Lawyers in their opposition to the use of drones in breach of Pakistans sovereignty and the execution of extra judicial killings. The participants in their hour long rally raised slogans and also carried placards denouncing the drone attacks and calling for the respect of Pakistans sovereignty and the human rights of its people. They noted on the occasion that the international law protects and respects borders and sovereignty of other nations. It was also pointed out that the US drone attacks and the May 2 operations in Abbottabad had no mandatory authority of UN resolutions.