WASHINGTON (APP) - Pakistans ability to safeguard its nuclear assets remains unaffected by some recent acts of terrorism in the South Asian country, according to a senior US defence official. The official was answering a question in a media interaction in the backdrop of this weeks deadly militant attack at a Pakistani naval base in Karachi. We have not seen any evidence or reason to question Pakistans ability to safeguard its nuclear assets, said the official.The senior defence officials remarks reaffirmed Washingtons confidence in Islamabads steps for nuclear safety. The United States has strongly condemned recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, saying these underscore the need for the two countries to work together against the common threat. In the media interaction, the defence official took issue with a recent American newspaper characterisation of differences over claims made under Coalition Support Funds for Pakistan. The CSF payments are reimbursements for the money Pakistan spends in the prosecution of fight against militants along the Afghan border. It is inaccurate to say that the United States was using the CSF as political tool, the official said, commenting on a recent report in The Wall Street Jounral on the issue. That is absolutely not the case, the official stressed. He clarified the requirements that the United States meets before making payments are the same for all countries that receive money under the CSF and these are not at all Pakistan-specific. The United States follows a deliberate and transparent process of evaluation of the claims - at the levels of embassy, the Central Command, and the Pentagon - in the light of guidelines laid by the Government Accountability Office in June 2008. The official also explained that claims made by Pakistan in the last two years soared partly due to the fact that the country launched operations in Swat and Waziristan.