VIENNA (Reuters) - Western states are expected to push for Syria to be referred to the UN Security Council after UN inspectors gave independent support to US allegations the Arab state was building a covert nuclear reactor, diplomats say. In a report to member states on Tuesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency's chief assessed that a site in the Syrian desert bombed to rubble by Israel was "very likely" to have been a reactor that should have been declared to the IAEA. Western diplomats said this meant that Syria had failed to meet its obligation to cooperate with the UN atomic watchdog - which seeks to ensure that nuclear technology is not diverted for military purposes and that no sensitive work is hidden. They said their approach to the Syrian nuclear issue was not linked to Western condemnation of Syria's crackdown on pro-democracy unrest, stressing that Syria had stonewalled an IAEA probe for nearly three years and it was now time to act.