RAHIM YAR KHAN - Four wildlife employees injured by the firing of poachers in cholistan (desert area) on the other night. As per detail, the staff of wildlife Department of District Rahim Yar Khan was on routine patrolling in Cholistan near Sodka. Meanwhile when they reached Arara area they spotted some poachers busy in hunting. Meanwhile, at they got sight of the wildlife staff they opened fire on there vehicle. Resultantly the vehicle overturned due to the blast of a tyre while Wildlife Inspector Shah Rasool guide M Akmal, guide Mehbobul Haq and driver Mohammad Hanif sustained injuries. The poachers fled away from the scene after leavening a deer. Meanwhile, other employees of the wildlife reached the scene and took injured colleges. The Wildlife employees registered a case against Shehzad Khakwani alias Tetu, Abdul Hakim alias Makhan, Noor Nabi alias Shamee Daha, Sabqat Ullah alias Sabu and Sajid Ali from Multan while an unidentified person with Islam Garh Police. The injured were discharged from hospital medical aid.