LAHORE The witnesses on Wednesday denied giving statements against PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi in the National Insurance Corporation Limited land scam. The Federal Investigation Agency once again remained failed to submit complete challan against the accused. According to the FIA, these witnesses had on a stamp paper implicated the accused in an act of fraud in the case. However, eight Allied Bank employees, who were claimed as witnesses by the FIA against Moonis, stated before a judicial magistrate that they had not given any statement against the PML-Q leader to the FIA officials in the land scam. The banking court judge directed the FIA to provide all the copies of their statements for the counsel of Moonis. However, Hina Rabbani, Junaid and Shaukat, the three employees of Yateem Khana branch of the bank, Umar Farooq, Nadia Faisal and Liaquat Ali, the employees of ABL Airport branch, and two others appeared before Magistrate Irfan Basra and requested the magistrate to record their statements under section 164 CrPC. On Wednesday, Moonis was also produced before the banking court. The witnesses as claimed by FIA stated that the FIA had sought bank record from them, alleging that the agencys officials had got their thumb impressions on plain papers also. They stated that they were not aware of the matter that the FIA could use the plain papers with their thumb impressions for involving Mooins in the scam. They also told the court that they were not going to record statement in favour of Mooins under any pressure or coercion, as they had categorically stating all this on their consent. Afterwards, the FIA sought further time for submitting the complete challan against Moonis Elahi. Mooniss counsel informed the court that the eight persons who were shown as witnesses in FIA investigation report, have denied their statements against Moonis which were prepared as fake by FIA, he said. He requested the court to provide copies of the case record. He said that the FIA was having no concrete evidence against his client and Moonis was being implicated only on political basis. The court adjourned hearing by May 31, directing FIA to submit complete challan against Moonis on next date. According to the FIA investigation report as total 29 witnesses had got their statements recorded in NICL land scam. The FIA stated that Moonis had got bogus accounts opened in the name of his manager Abdul Malik and his wife for the sake of corruption in NICL. Later, the FIA had lodged two FIRs against Moonis, alleging that his manger opened forged accounts in the banks New Airport branch and Dubai Islamic Bank Main Boulevard branch.