Climate change has already affected Pakistan as is evidenced by all the floods, droughts and famine. It is noticed that the rainfall pattern has changed and crops and livestock are threatened by this phenomenon. Forests have already died in Sindh and others are being slaughtered by corrupt mafias. This deforestation has further exacerbated the situation in the country. It has alarmingly reduced biodiversity and has disrupted ecology. People are seen searching for green pastures and water in Sindh and Baluchistan.

Our ruling elite has launched a ruthless onslaught against the peaceful environment of Islamabad in the name of the Metro Bus Project, worth billions of rupees. The indiscriminate cutting down of trees in the city has damaged the environment irreparably. Several giant trees along different roads and avenues have been knocked down. The city is rapidly becoming hot, and it will become unbearably hot in the days ahead because it is located in the mountainous terrain and mountains without trees tend to become very hostile.


Islamabad, May 22.