Plastic may have been man’s best gift to humanity, but now it has started to haunt us. All the used plastic such as plastic bags, pipes, egg containers, computer, TV parts and millions of other things that we use have started melting. Once melted they give out extremely hazardous gases such as Styrene, Dioxin etc which are easily absorbed in the air which we breathe. Once inside our body, they affect our respiration, our lungs and skin. Research shows that due to the recycling of plastic, there is an aggravated risk of heart diseases, respiratory ailments, damage to the nervous system etc.

This is an easily preventable problem but no one is paying any attention to it. I request the authorities to take some steps to ban the import of this hazardous material as well as production, and on the micro scale, every individual must avoid plastic in order to keep away from its effects. Undoubtedly, prevention is better than cure!


Karachi, May 23.