ISLAMABAD - The Islamabad police arrested 513 absconders during first five months claiming they were involved in crimes of heinous nature.
A police spokesman said Sunday that Inspector General of Police Islamabad Aftab Ahmad Cheema, after assuming the charge, has also assigned the task to all police officials to ensure arrest of proclaimed offenders and inform his office on the daily basis about success in this special crackdown.
“All SPs and SDPOs have also been directed to launch a massive crackdown against proclaimed offenders and court absconders,” the spokesperson added.
In compliance of these directions, SSP Islamabad Muhammad Ali Nekokara directed all heads of police stations of Islamabad to start their renewed efforts to arrest outlaws. A total of 513 absconders including 188 proclaimed offenders and 321 court absconders with four military deserters have been apprehended during current year. Giving details of arrest of absconders, the spokesperson said, City Zone arrested 34 proclaimed offenders, 94 court absconders while Saddar Zone apprehended 77 proclaimed offenders, 105 court absconders. Similarly, Industrial Area Zone nabbed 12 proclaimed offenders, 40 court absconders while Rural Zone nabbed 65 proclaimed offenders, 83 court absconders nabbed during this period.
Similarly, the police also raided various gambling dens and apprehended 41 gamblers besides recovering stake money and other items. IGP Cheema has issued directions to make this campaign further effective as the performance of police stations in-charges would be further reviewed soon in this regard.
Meanwhile, Shehzad Town police claimed arrest of a gang of four persons including three women who were involved in taking away gold ornaments from simpletons pretending to give them hefty profit in return, a police spokesman said.
According to details, Shehzad Town police came to know about the activities of a gang visiting various homes in the town and Sohan area, trapping the house inmates to give them gold ornaments for getting a handsome amount of profit in return.
The area police raided the marked succeeded to arrest Gulzara, Asima, Perveen and Raja Shahid Saeed.