Last Monday morning a dog was killed by a team of PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority) at Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore. He was shot on the jogging track where nobody paid any attention to his cries of pain. We must realize we share this planet with other creatures that Allah created and we depend on each other for survival. In less than two centuries of industrial revolution man has managed to deteriorate this Earth and make it into a garbage dump. This world and all the creatures that inhabit it are necessary for our survival.

Though now we have to tackle environmental threats and ensure a future for species, whether they be stray dogs or cats. Rural-urban migrations, metro-bus roads, unnecessary flyovers, ever increasing automobiles, industrialization and destruction of forests has damaged the environment and the inhabitants dreadfully. I am totally convinced that time has come to repair what we can and decrease the destruction that started with the industrial revolution in the world. We now must be prepare to repaired the world for the future so that humanity will progress in a more conscious and fair world, and the Earth will still be capable of providing shelter for its inhabitants. I hope that WWF can start a campaign in Pakistan, to make people aware of the importance of animals in ecosystem and define the relationship of humans with animals. The government should also take steps to provide a healthier environment for the animals and a more humane way of killing them, if it is necessary.


Lahore, May 20.