KARACHI  - JI Pakistan’s newly-elected Amir Sirajul Haq has demanded Rs 100 billion package for the City of lights Karachi so as to restore the glory of the megalopolis and to end prolonged shortage of water, electricity and other utilities.
Talking at a public reception in his honour at Karachi on Sunday night, he said that this gathering have proved that the feeling emerged among Karachiites would reach across the country as well as across the globe.
He said that the axis of our politics is nothing but Islam.
"All praise to Allah Almighty. We don’t want to impose our personal or any political figure's rule upon masses but only Allah Almighty," he stated.
Further talking about Karachi , he said that he saw a sense of insecurity prevails in the City. He said that the City needs potable water and basic facilities. He demanded Rs 100 billion package for the City of lights. He criticised the economic system based on interest and educational system. 
He stated that soon Afghanistan would witness a glorious system of Islamic rule. He elaborated that the Western forces failed to capture Afghanistan and now the country has no other option but to bow before the will of the people that is Islam.
He highlighted the drought of Thar that claimed thousands of lives, while at the same time provincial ruling regime was wasting Rs 1.3 billion on dancing and music nights. He said that a major issue of country is corruption and we should also do some thing in this regard.
JI Amir concluded that we have a cure of all miseries of humanity that is Islam. We want to bring back the glorious Islamic system that was earlier brought by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and was followed by followers of Holy Prophet (PBUH), he added.
Dr. Merajul Huda Siddiqui, Amir JI Sindh in his address presented the personality of Siraj-ul-Haq as a role model for rulers.
JI leader Asadullah Bhutto in his address stated that the reception has proved that Karachi was a stronghold of JI. JI Karachi Amir Eng Naeem-ur-Rehman demanded package for Karachi .