TARBELA GHAZI - A young man on Sunday foiled suicide attempt of a young woman, Dil Raj, who had jumped into Ghazi Barotha hydropower channel.
According to details, Shamshad Ali, resident of Ghazi, was standing on the bank of the channel when he saw a woman who came there and jumped into the 30-feet deep and fast flowing channel. Ali chased the woman on his motorcycle along the bank of the channel and after covering a distance of some three kilometres he got a chance to reach the fast flowing woman. He jumped into the water and after hectic efforts he succeeded to bring out the woman from water.
The unconscious woman was rushed to Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Ghazi where Dr Fauzia Yasmin provided her first aid and saved her life.
Meanwhile, police also reached the hospital. Dil Raj while giving her statement to police said that she had given birth to a physically abnormal female baby 20 days back and since then her husband has been treating her badly and tortured her. She said she had told her father about the behaviour of her husband but he ignored the issue. On this she decided to commit suicide .
Meanwhile, District Police Officer Ijaz Khan announced admiration certificate and cash prize for Shamshad Ali for his bravery.