The country is facing a scarcity of three basic necessities including water, electricity and  Sui gas. Due to shortage of these three basic necessities it is very difficult to survive.

Daily reading in different newspapers and TV channel apropos scarcity of water, Sui gas and load shedding of electricity around the country and due to non-provision of these 3 basic necessities people are facing a lot predicament.

Water scarcity

Drinking water which is very important for human beings as well as for animals, but it is observed at various cities and villages that digging work of canals still continues by the governments even though this is the time for rice seeding, which has been unfortunately delayed by the government to dig canals. Landlords and farmers are worried due to shortage of water because their only source of income is land, but this time they are facing lot dilemmas due to scarcity.

If the government was completed the activity of canal’s digging at the end of the year when the irrigation department stops to supply water for digging the canals which was better than to save from this dilemma.

Due to scarcity of water, there is no other source for drinking water and usage for domestic purposes, except canals. Water is a basic necessity for human beings and animals, while people are moving into another area which is approximately 4/5 kilometres away from their residential area to fetch water for drinking, but where should they fetch water from for daily domestic usage or for their animals?

Load shedding of electricity

Summer season started mid-April, 2015, and the demand of electricity peaked. The weather has just started to get hot and load shedding is already increased to 12 to 16 hours in normal routine, which is the same as about last year – there seems to be no progress at all. So, there are other factors which the government has not been able to manage in its tenure of almost two years.

In this summer season people cannot bear more than 30 degrees centigrade temperature while this time there is 35+ centigrade temperature in the country; and more than 35 centigrade in Sindh province.

Due to load shedding, industrial areas as well other works are getting disturbed which depend on electricity. People also get disturbed during meal times as they cannot eat food easily without electricity.

Scarcity of Sui Gas

Sui gas is a very important basic necessity for human beings.

A lot of people are also facing the acute shortage of gas supply and observing more than 8 hours of gas load shedding on a daily basis in Sindh and Punjab provinces.

They mostly observe shortage of gas during the load shedding of electricity and when the every household remains busy in the kitchen for cooking. During the load shedding of electricity the supply of Sui gas remains very slow, due to which they cannot cook food. High and middle class people cannot use their generators due to shortage of Sui gas.

It has also been observed that most of the times, Sui gas remains off during the load shedding of electricity or at the time of cooking, or at sleep time (night).

The shortage of water, electricity and Sui gas are very important and serious issues of the country. It is requested of the provincial and federal government that they should take an immediate step to resolve the issue of these three vital necessities of life.