LAHORE: The local government in Lahore has speeded up the implementation of Orange Line Train as first mobilization advance for as many as 27 trains has been paid

Khawaja Ahmed Hassan, chairman of steering committee made to monitor ongoing development in the project on Thursday said that China Railway (CR) and Norinco company have been given a mobilization advance for 27 trains.

He said the trains would be completely computerized and will move without drivers.

The trains would be comprised of five bogies with the capacity of taking two hundred passengers in each bogie, he added.

Khawaja Ahmed Hassan said that nearly two lac residents would be able to travel on Orange Line Train.

The Orange Line Train project will cost $1.6 billion and it will complete within 27 months. The train route will be 27.1 kilometer long, spread from Ali Town to Thokar Niaz Baig, from Multan Road to Scheme Mor, Chowburji, MAO College, Mall Road, Laxmi Chowk and Railway Station, from Garhi Shahu Bridge to GT Road and UET and from Pakistan Mint to Dera Gojran.