Last year, Karachi saw it’s hottest summer in the history which took the lives of 2000 citizens and this year the prediction is no different. Pakistan is facing the repercussions of climatic disorders around the world.

I am already worried about how I’m gonna cope with the upcoming hot weather, but when I see our law enforcing agencies and our security personnel, their dedication emboldens me. Be it policemen, traffic police or other military personnel, their resoluteness really gives me courage. They wear a rigid uniform, a heavy bulletproof vest with gloves and helmets and carry a heavy weapons and irrespective of how hot the weather they stand under the flaming sun instead of finding shade. Yet they perform their duty with utmost zeal without letting weather hinder their staunchness. If such adversity doesn’t stop them from their responsibilities, we can surly play our comparatively easy parts.


Karachi, April 12.