ATTOCK/MULTAN-Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq Pakistan and corruption cannot go together there the nation should root out corruption and the corrupt rulers to justice.

Addressing a gathering at Attock Railway Station, Sirajul Haq said that the purpose of the Train March against corruption is to awake the people against the corruption and the corrupt people. He said now it is high time to eradicate corruption and bring the corrupt to justice. He said now the rulers should present themselves for accountability otherwise the public will deal with them sternly.

He said because of the deep-rooted corruption, the national economy has collapsed while unemployment, loadshedding and price hike is increasing day by day. He said that in Bangladesh, those love Pakistan are being hanged but on the other hand in Pakistan the leaders are least bothered to raise voice for them. “Our struggle to root out corruption will continue and we will keep on giving sacrifices,” he concluded.

On the occasion Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, Asadullah Bhutto, Mushtaq Khan, Mirajul Huda and JI Attock office-bearers Shahab Rafq, Khalid Mehmood, Maulana Jaffar Ali and Maulana Naeemullah were also present.

Meanwhile, the Corruption Free Pakistan Train March of Jamaat-e-Islami will reach Multan Cantt. Railway Station today at 2pm under the leadership of JI Ameer Sirajul Haq.

The JI South Punjab secretary information Kanwar Muhammad Siddiq said that arrangements had been made to welcome the participants of the march at all railway stations of South Punjab.

He said that the march had been kicked off by the JI leadership from Peshawar and it would prove a final blow to the corrupt elements in Pakistan. He said that a stage had been constructed for the address of Sirajul Haq at Multan Railway Station and thousands of JI workers and citizens would receive the march.

He said that the second leg of the march would begin from Lahore at 7:55 am and it would enter South Punjab at 11:00 am. He added that the march would be welcomed at Chichawatni, Mian Channu, Khanewal and then Multan at 2 pm while it would move for Shujabad, Lodhran and Bahawalpur later on.

Sale of clay pots on the rise

LAYYAH/SIALKOT -The sale of the clay pots including “Chajjar” (pitchers) is rising due to the recent increase in heat wave, as the people prefer to use it as a source cold drinking water. The people term Chajjar as part of old tradition as it remains significant even in presence of modern technology. Pasrur city is hub of producing the clay-made pots especially Haandies and Chajjar.

Some local potters said that now the trend of the people especially living in the urban areas was changing towards the use of the clay-made pots. They said that the taste of the meals cooked in clay-made Haandies always taste better than the meals cooked in metal pots. Local people said that the taste of the water of Chajjar gives freshness to the drinkers in even sizzling hot weather, especially during the loadshedding of the electricity. They said that almost every house in the rural and even urban areas has a Chajjar (pitcher) and clay-made Haandies.

Artisans in Pasrur have also introduced attractive and fascinating clay-made water coolers, giving an advanced shape to the decades old techniques of making the clay-made pots.

They said that the clay-made pots with the colourful designs fascinate the buyers, adding that the time has returned back and the people are also giving preference to use the clay-made pots in this modern era than using the metal pots. However, in Layyah, the use of Chajjar is on the decline. A pitcher maker said that clay is use to make pitchers. He said that three workers have to work to make pitchers and then these are kept in the fire furnace. He added that pitchers prices are very lower which causes difficulties for the families. He demanded that the government should provide the status of industry to the pitcher making profession and the makers should be provided interest-free loans, so that they can improve the living standard. Jaman Shah Rural Health Centre Medical Officer Aziz Ahmad said that water of pitchers is good for health and prevents many diseases.