Shockingly, like many other countries on the globe, our country is no more a secure place, not to speak of aliens but also for its own citizens. People get murdered, people get violently robbed in a broad daylight and women and girls get raped. Hardly a day passes when women, especially, young or newly married girls are not killed in the name of so-called draconian tradition of “Honor Killing.” Social engineers and economists consider that unemployment, extreme poverty and denial of justice or rotten criminal justice system, where the concept of crime and punishment sounds strange, as the prime drivers. Indeed an effective criminal justice system is regarded by many as fundamental to the maintenance of law and order. However, our criminal justice system is not only dysfunctional it is also outdated and absolutely not fit for purpose. We have such a criminal justice system where alleged and also declared criminals are literally getting away with murder as a result of incompetent investigations by police and uninspired prosecutions. 

However, our rulers must make improvements related to law and justice. We must take strides to conform to international standards. The judiciary needs to undertake major reforms in its criminal justice system to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. As long as we have an unfair and outdated criminal justice system in vogue in this land, peace, order and prosperity will not visit this land, come what may! 


Islamabad, April 7.