Islamabad - Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani on Thursday said that the social media was facing prohibitions against the spirit of freedom of speech under the charge of insulting state institutions.

He said this at a seminar organised at Iqra University titled ‘Contemporary Pakistan.’

“No one speaks when Parliament and judiciary are criticised on social media,” he said.

Rabbani also stated that social media was the only platform left for people where they were openly discussing the issues of performance of state institutions.

Addressing the participants on the supremacy of the law in the country, he said that former military dictator Pervez Musharraf was set free from the country because the state has different laws for elite and poor.

“The system has different standards for rich and poor that is why a former military dictator could not be produced in the court,” he said.

Rabbani said that it was the weakness of law that a former military dictator while sitting outside the country is ‘dictating’ conditions before producing himself in the court.

“But if you are civilian, the application of the law would be different, if rich you can buy justice and if an ordinary person you have to run from pillar to post seeking justice,” he said.

Addressing the participants of the seminar, the Senate chairman said that the implementation of the 18th amendment has gone into a quandary and this reflects that how much constitution is respected in the state.

“Implementation of the 18th amendment is a far cry and the non-implementation will weaken the institutions,” he said.

He said that renaissance of the society is working in retrogression and it is becoming an intolerant society against the teachings of the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

“There is no counter paradigm to kill the terrorism as the state itself killed the counter-paradigm” by putting a ban on student unions and literature activities, he said.

He said that the counter-paradigm could not be designed in ministries but it will be built in universities.

Senate chairman said that we need to make conscious and collective efforts to counter terrorism and extremism from our society and should engage the young generation of educational institutions as these are our hope for future.

Rabbani stated that the concept of warlords, previously prevalent in African nations is now surfacing in Pakistan. We are surrounded by such warlords under the names of religion, sectarianism and a new tendency of lynching people by the mobs, he said.

“If it was happening just on streets of cities of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, it would not have surprised me but this trend is now creeping into educational institutions”, he expressed.

Senate chairman while addressing the students said that the state functionaries did not realise that if the academic independence, and freedom to think and express is snatched from people, the positive change through the peaceful process cannot prevail.

He observed that the culture of Pakistan is the culture of Indus Valley civilisation. Arab culture must not be imposed upon our people because this would lead to our moving away from our roots which will blur our future pathway, he added.