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Subject: Public Rights


Tissar is the beautiful area of the district Shigar and the people who are living there are very hardworking and prosperous. But the bad political influence in this area they are not getting the rights that they deserve due to which their lives are not up to the mark that a normal person should be living up to. They are facing dangers in their life because they are not being facilitated with the basic needs of life. Some are the dangers issues:

1: Natural disasters: Tissar is always facing the danger of getting flooded and many people living there have lost their houses and lives. This issue is to be considered very carefully, and do some favorable arrangements for people living in the area to save their lives and houses.

2: Education: There is only one high school in this area and population is very high. Teachers and facilities are insufficient and due to this reason they cannot get higher education due to that they do not get introduced to the new technology and the gadgets. Government should make new school to fulfil the basic needs of that area like as education and health.

3: Health: Same as education only one hospital and insufficient number of doctors and medicine is available. Which does not completely fulfill the needs and services to this area. It is requested to make sure to enhance the hospital facilities to provide better services so that peoples get facilitated and can take care for their health.

4: Water supply: Due to unclean water people are facing different diseases and getting ill.

5: the main aspect that influence the areas beauty and give access to the people for tourism is roads. Here in this area the networks of roads is very much messed up that does not allow tourism in this are to grow.

These are the some of the issues that have been addressed here. There are many other issues that can be discussed but there is not much time to get them discussed that’s why have just discussed the main issues that have the influence on the areas development and have the most of the government influence.

It is requested to the officiating officer that why this area has been tipped off from its basic rights for so long when there can be so much done to improve the living standards of the town Tissar. As there is always allotted funds for the development of the areas by the government, but here there is no development seen in the area, we people of Tissar cannot understand where all these funds have been used for.

The political individuals here are always influencing their power over the development works and are always showing people the fake paradise that they are going to give to the town. As they are living the lives in worldly paradise but to their extent just where as the local public is suffering from many issues that some has been addresses above and many more that leads to conflict in the locals also over the issues. As always the poor is always ignored from the scene.

This letter is just to highlight the originalities of the problems that the people are facing here. It is requested to the DCO of the district Shigar to officially visit the town of Tissar personally and see the highlighted problems with your naked eye so that you may understand how much people are suffering here and resolve our problems and provide us with the basic rights and necessities of life that we deserve to have a happy and prosperous life.

May Allah have his mercy upon all of the people and keep us all blessed with his blessings.




Yours sincerely,

Youth wing Tissar,

Presiding in Lahore.


Shujat Ali Shigri, Ali AhmadAbbas, Mohammad Zaman, Mohammad Khan, Akbar Khan, Sher Ali , Mohammed Nawaz, Mohammad Saleem, Irshad Hussain, Mohammad Ibrahim, Ali Ahmad, Shabbier Hussain, Musa Hasrat, Musa Khan, Fida Hussain, Mohammad Ami, Mohammad Bashir, Mohammad Juwahir, Mohammad Javed, Ali Nadeem, HassanAli, Ali Musa, MohammadTubbasam