LAHORE  - Police on Saturday finalised security strategy for the main mourning procession of Youm-e-Ali (RA) to be observed on 21st of Ramazan. More than 4,000 police will guard the route of the mourning procession.

A spokesman said at least 9 SPs, 30 DSPs, 400 upper subordinates, 85 head constables, and more than 3,700 constables and 170 lady constables will be deployed on security duty. 

More than 200 CCTV cameras have been installed on the rout of the main procession by Punjab Safe Cities Authority.  The relevant areas of the Walled city will be sealed on Sunday evening. Checking of suspects and vehicles has been intensified at the entry and exit points of the metropolis, he added.


Traffic plan

The traffic police on Saturday released traffic management plan for the main mourning procession to be taken in connection with Youm-e-Ali in Lahore on Monday.

As part of the plan, hundreds of traffic wardens will be deployed on the route of the main mourning procession to ensure smooth flow of traffic in adjacent areas. Chief Traffic Officer Liaqat Ali Malik approved the plan while presiding over a meeting at his office.

According to the plan, at least two SPs, five DSPs, 41 inspectors, 97 women traffic wardens, 38 patrolling officers, 16 fork lifters, 2 breakdowns, and more the 500 traffic wardens will perform their duties along the route of the main procession.

The main procession will emerge from Walled City Akbari Gate and culminate at Karbala Gamay Shah after passing through Mubarak Haveli, Chowk Nawab Sahab, Bazaar Mochi Gate, Laal Kho, Mughal Haveli, Takia Nathay Shah, Chowk Nawab Sahab, Chohta Mufti Baqir, Purani Kotwali, Chowk Nogaza, Chowk Taranam, Chowk Tibbi, Bazaar Hakeema, Onchi Masjid, PS Bhatti Gate, Bhatti Gate, and Chowk Bhatti.

Citizens can park their cars and motorcycles at Nasir Bagh, Mochi Gate Bagh, Central Model High School (for media officials), parking Delhi Gate and Miner-e-Pakistan parking.

The traffic diversion points on the route of the main procession will be Akbari Gate, Bagh Ali, Chuna Mandi, Shah Alam Market Chowk, Peer Makki, Mori Gate, Punj Peer, District Courts, PMG Chowk, MAO College, Lady Wallington and Saggiyan.

Vehicular traffic will be diverted coming from Shahdara to Railway Station through Azadi Flyover. Traffic coming from inner Circular Road will be diverted towards Mori Gate, Urdu Bazaar, Chowk Cheterjee, Law College Katchery Road and Nila Gumbad. “No traffic will be allowed from Peer Makki U-turn towards lower mall. Similarly, no traffic movement will be allowed from Katchery Chowk towards Lower Mall.”


All the Public Service Vehicles coming from inner side Circular Road will be diverted towards Mayo Hospital through Shah Alam Chowk. No vehicle will be allowed towards Taxali through Masti Gate, Turn Shahi Qila and Ali Park. Also, traffic movement from Chowk Milad towards Dehli Gate and Masjid Wazir Khan will remain suspended.

Also, traffic will be restricted from Pani Wala Talab towards Rang Mahal. Traffic coming from Multan Road will be diverted towards MAO College, Sanda Road, Commissioner Office, DIG Operations offices at Outfall Road. Heavy transport coming from Kasur will be diverted towards Band Road Double Sarkan through LOS Chowk, Multan Road and Gulshan Ravi.