A “new media desk” aimed at promoting image and information of the International Islamic university Islamabad (IIUI) on social and digital forums has been launched by the Public Relations Directorate of the university. 

The desk was inaugurated by IIUI President Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh who was briefed by Incharge PR Nasir Farid about the scope, utilization and future strategies of the desk.

IIUI President was also briefed about launch of ongoing admission campaign on social and digital media networks. Incharge PR apprised the President this would be a first dedicated social and digital media desk by any public sector university in Pakistan which will be executing new media strategies with help of a dedicated team. 

He added that it will also help university students to acquire first hand experience and make them prepared for the rapidly changing market which requires compatibility to  new media advancements. The briefing was also joined by Assistant Directors of the department Muhammad Nauman and Al-Hassan.

IIUI President extolled that the directorate delivered maximum on immediate directions and as many as o.2 million people benefited from its social media campaign.

He urged that all the departments must remain compatible to the advancements of hour and they must not get obsolete in the run of technology. He assured that IIUI PR team be provided maximum facilities and opportunities to further broaden the exposure.  Dr. Al-Draiweesh also inaugurated IIUI’s official YouTube channel.