Are you planning to enter in or to go out of Rawalpindi especially from Faizabad to Peshawar road? Then wait for a minute as you are going to experience a jolt if you are moving through any bus or wagon, must wear helmet if you are riding a motor bike and also do not forget to wear seat belt if you are driving car because the road you are going to opt is Islamabad Junction Police Road (IJP).

This road forms nexus and joins twin cities i.e. Rawalpindi and Islamabad with rest of northern cities of Pakistan. But now a days this road is mainly serving as a sprouting grave rather than an asphalt surface. This road is suitable for pulling cart but not for the wheels of rubber and also for the protection of public. There is no proper administration for this road even it acts as an aorta for the rest of Pakistan and also for the local residents. The freight of heavy trucks and buses have played an obvious role in abbreviating the lifespan of road and heedlessness of the concerned authorities put an oil in the fire. Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) sloppiness for this road provoked massive destruction at each corner.

The condition of Islamabad roads is much better than the roads of Rawalpindi due to capital investment and interest of officials. The IJP road is one of the victim in this cataclysm. This road needs special surveillance from the last three years but all attempts of restoration have proven to be only documentary. Traffic jam is the overshadowing consequence of this synopsis as there is no other option for any type of traffic to utilize proxy. Potholes are worsening the structure with every day and in rainy season, the road acts as a suicide option for drivers, they feel reluctant in normal days too and they think for a while to reach their destination through this route.

The metropolitan area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi population exceeds four million which is the third highest count in country but can we imagine this type of road condition in these developed cities, definitely “NO”.  It further follows Grand Trunk Road  and connects Motorway (M2) on the other side. The dilapidated order is a question mark over the ignorance by government for such an important track.

Land mafia is also considered a hurdle in rehabilitation of the road as members of the civic society (Islamabad Citizens Committee) highlighted this issue earlier in March. The influence of mafia must be demotivated to carry out immediate action. The encroached land of IJP must be utilized and government needs to facilitate the officials in bringing effective actions against these agonists.

Steps were taken and retrieved 130 kanal land by CDA from Mandi Mor to carriage factory in the mid of February, proved to be effective in smooth flow of traffic to some extent but still there is a need to take these strict actions again for the complete eradication of these illegal occupants. There are many bus terminals like Pir Wadhai Bus Terminal in the center of the road, is one of the basic issue of traffic jam as it supplies heavy traffic to all sides of twin cities as well as AJK, KPK and Punjab. The IJP road is waiting for its dawn for many years but still darkness is prevailing from all the sides. If it's not properly looked after by the authorities then it will keep on playing with the life of people and the trodden path will keep on muddling with the safety of travelers.