There are different views of people that whether eating chicken these days is harmful or not as the feed giving to hens is unhygienic while some people say that it is just a rumour because chicken is becoming more expensive day by day which is a sign that more people are eating chicken.

Apart from this argument whether eating chicken is harmful or not primarily owing to unhygienic feed, there is a valid reason why chicken is becoming injurious to human health, and this issue has been going unnoticed since long as nobody has raised this issue ever before, i.e. hens are being slaughtered without declaration (Takbeer) of Allah-o-Akbar. It is obligatory for butchers to say Takbeer preferably loudly or at least in an undertone so that butcher might listen to his voice; otherwise, slaughtered chicken becomes unlawful/permissible (Haram) to eat. Butchers usually use intoxicated products like pan parag, gukta due to which they remain unable to say Takbeer.

Not only concerned authorities but every responsible citizen should play his role to propagate this issue and bind butchers to say Takbeer loudly at the time of slaughtering or at least in an undertone so that chicken remains lawful/permissible (Halal) to eat and it is better to buy chicken only when chicken is slaughtered before customer.


Karachi, May 9.