Soldiers in a US-led coalition killed 25 militants in various operations across Afghanistan over the past two days, including some linked to Al-Qaeda, the US military said Wednesday. Fifteen were killed in a raid early Wednesday in the southern province of Kandahar against a known "command and control" centre for bomb makers, it said in a statement. Troops on the raid came under fire at the compound in the district of Zhari just west of Kandahar city, the statement said."Coalition forces returned fire with small arms weapons killing 15 insurgents and detained six," it said. Another operation on Tuesday targeted a senior Taliban commander in the eastern province of Paktya who was believed to liaise between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, another statement said. Five militants were killed in a clash at the site, it said, without making clear if the commander was among the dead. Five more were killed and four arrested in another raid Tuesday in the adjoining province of Paktika that targeted the radical Haqqani network, which is linked to Al-Qaeda. "We continue to disrupt terrorist networks, stemming the flow of weapons and supplies that are used against innocent Afghan civilians," spokesman Colonel Jerry O'Hara said.