Life following 9/11 has never been the same in many countries. The catastrophic event is the linchpin that has inflicted death, destruction, and anxiety round the world. If we ignore all other factors relating to terror attack and destruction of Twin Towers and only focus on whether or not the towers were brought down by planned demolition, the sordid drama can unravel to a great extent. Also, the official theory propounded by the US administration that the towers were destroyed by the collision of hijacked planes would stand challenged. Consider that 47-storey building seven (WTC7), located a block away from the Twin Towers, leased out to Larry Silverstein was brought down at 5.20pm by controlled detonation with the consent of the leaseholder. This building had been slightly scratched during the attack. According to Truth Activist Michael Kane WTC7 was a military building. In the DVD, The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw, he stated: "The CIA had a clandestine bunker on the 25th floor of WTC7. The secret service had offices there too. And Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's office of emergency management was also located there." The emergency command centre Mayor Giuliani had ordered was designed to withstand gales of 160mph. It should have been the command centre during the emergency but it was abandoned earlier in the day of the attack on Twin Towers. Silverstein later appeared in a PBS documentary in September 2002 and said that he had suggested the NYC fire department to pull down the building. The structure collapsed neatly without causing any damage to adjoining buildings. The moot point, however, is how the detonation procedure for such a large building with 47 storeys was put in place within a few hours. According to demolition experts, it takes weeks and sometimes months of planning to cover such large areas to plant the detonators, and to ensure no damage is caused to nearby structures. How the preparation to demolish therefore could be made between 8.45am, when the first plane rammed into the North Tower of WTC, and 5.20pm when WTC7 was brought down. And why was the building vacated earlier in the day? Was it sixth sense in play or part of the meticulous preparation for what was to come? Then, the debris was removed from the site, twisted metal and steel bars shipped overseas post haste to be melted, which was against the US federal laws. Nowhere in the world is the incriminatory material removed from the site of crime before full inquiry is carried out. Inspection of steel bars could have easily revealed if these were exposed to demolition or impact of the hijacked planes. Intriguingly, behaviour of Twin Towers' collapse was precisely similar to WTC7, which means they too were demolished by controlled detonation rather than by collision of hijacked planes. Not to say the collisions did not occur but to synchronise detonation with collisions leaves many questions unanswered. 9/11 precipitated a major upheaval in the world, particularly for the Muslim countries. Muslims have since faced the collective blitz of the propaganda apparatus of the West. President-elect Obama, as part of his defence policy, intends focusing on our tribal belt to capture bin Laden whom he considers critical to US security, and wipe out apocryphal Al-Qaeda once and for all. Bin Laden was a chronic kidney patient on dialysis in early nineties; he must have reported to his Maker long ago. He must now be smiling in his grave how the superpower has created a farce of terrorism in his name and perpetrated worldwide instability, death and destruction. Obama's intended surge in troops in Afghanistan aims at controlling resources and dominating geopolitics in the region. But the problem is the hostile Afghan population unaccustomed to domination by foreign invaders, which has relentlessly resisted. Having failed in consolidating their position in Afghanistan, US-led NATO troops now target FATA as a scapegoat. And the irony is that people in FATA are being targeted not only by NATO troops but also by their own army in a full-blown military operation. For US to swing focus from one country to another comes easily. It only needs to wink at Rand Corporation, NIE or other state sponsored think-tanks to fabricate a dossier similar to one Tony Blair's MI6 did on Iraq. George Bush had asked Blair to collect evidence on Iraq's WMD, and the latter ordered MI6 to come up with it. When the Agency presented the document, Blair threw it back asking to 'sex' it up by concocting more evidence to make the case against Iraq credible. The world later noted no WMD were found after officially acknowledged loss of more than 4200 US troops and genocide of more than 1.28 million Iraqi men, women, and children over the years. The War On Terror is now creeping into our settled areas and cities. Latest drone attack in Bannu is a case in point. Washington Post's claim that Pak government had given tacit approval of such attacks and that it would superficially protest for public consumption while the attacks could go on appears plausible. We are facing a threatening situation at our northern borders to which our politicians appear oblivious. The fabulously rich among them having little stakes within the country show little concern, but sons of the soil are indeed deeply worried. The writer is a freelance columnist E-mail: