SHEIKH Hafizur Rehman, former Secretary Information and Culture, Punjab, and a noted columnist, who passed away Monday night at the age of 84, would be remembered as a thorough gentleman possessing a clear head, a feeling heart, a sharp intellect and a witty tongue. Apart from his long career in the Information Department, he had a stint in the central government, working in the Religious Affairs Ministry and Federal Ombudsman. A voracious reader, he was equally at home in writing and at one time was producing eight columns a week that appeared in different prestigious papers of the country. For a long time, he was also one of The Nation's regular columnists. Fluent in English that he wrote and spoke like an Englishman, he was equally good in Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi and Pushto. He had learnt French on his own with the help of books and could read and enjoy it. Mr Hafiz had an ear for music and occasionally would try his hand at painting: His drawing of an old Pushtun was always seen hanging on a wall of his sitting room. He treated everyone, high and low, young and old, men and women with respect and made them feel special to him. In short, he had a well-rounded, upright and versatile character.