Sir, undisputedly, you are considered as one of the most dignified and high standing politician among the political circles while many apolitical people have a lot of respect and affection for you not only because of it but also for you being a man of letters as well as man of principles and character. For these reasons you are being presumed and rightly so, to maintain your dignity and principles. Sir, Of course, being a central leader of a party and also a part of government you are justly supposed to work and speak for the cause of your party and have to support the policies and actions of your government, whenever it is so required of you. However on certain occasions, it is felt that you take such tasks and responsibility, ( may be that are assigned to you intentionally as the same could also be performed by some one else) which are feared to be detriment to your repute and esteem and thus also may hurt the feelings of your admirers. Not only your fans but even most of PPP workers would too not like to see you supporting and praising the president on media in such a way which may well demean your likeable, saintly and worthy of reverence persona. Respected Babar Awan - Politics may be a key word for short interests and worldly gains for others and before them puffery be considered intrinsic of the politics they believe in. In pursuit of that kind of politics words like flagrant, ignoble, infra dig and discreditable etc may be meaningless for such selfish persons But, Sir, for you, politics be surely having different and thus high meaning and lofty aims and that is why you are considered the most dignified politician And for that reason your fans, political as well as apolitical, never see such deviation on your part which may stain your dignified and gentlemanly persona. May Allah be with you (ameen)-ANWAR JALAL, Peshawar, via e-mail, November 14.