LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that government is attaching top priority to the provision of modern health facilities to the common man and all available resources are being utilised for this purpose. He was addressing a conference of senior doctors of Mayo Hospital at the CM's Secretariat here Tuesday. Various proposals for improvement of health sector were presented by heads of Lady Aitchison and Lady Wallingdon hospitals during the conference. The CM said that government's efforts could not yield the desired results unless doctors and paramedical staff performed their professional responsibilities with commitment. He said that all out measures would be taken for improving standard of Mayo Hospital adding that the hospital would be granted complete financial and administrative autonomy for extending better healthcare facilities to the patients. Shahbaz said that Pakistan obtained loans worth billions of rupees but the way these were wasted, was an open secret. He said resources were important but what more important was the dedication and a sense of responsibility. The CM said he had visited Mayo Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Hospital and other hospitals of the province and was shocked to see that new machines were still lying unopened and the overall conditions of the hospitals were deplorable. He said bathrooms were filthy while operation theatres were littered with infected cotton and bottles. He said this showed lack of responsibility on part of the persons responsible. He said that dialysis machines were imported and additional funds were spent for this purpose only with the aim of provision of medical facilities to the kidney patients at the earliest. The CM further said he had convened doctors' conference only with the purpose of forgetting the past and moving forward with new zeal for the improvement of health sector adding that we were starting this process with Mayo Hospital. He said that he would make every effort for the uplift of the hospital as it was essential for extending better health facilities to the common man but the doctors and paramedical staff would have to deliver. Shahbaz also issued instructions for the formation of a committee to submit comprehensive recommendations for the improvement of the hospital building, roads, machinery, medical facilities, sanitary conditions and other matters. He said that despite paucity of resources, the government would provide all necessary funds, however, their proper utilisation would have to be ensured. The participants of the conference assured the CM that they would take up the task of improvement of standard of Mayo Hospital and service to the ailing humanity as a challenge and would spare no effort towards this end.