ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has expressed serious concerns over the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP)'s plan of diverting all the heavy traffic onto IJ Principal Road. A senior official in Engineering Wing of the Authority, while talking to TheNation on Tuesday, said that IJP Road had to carry load beyond capacity ever since the ITP has diverted all the heavy traffic off the Kashmir Highway in the wake of deadliest Marriott blast. "Extra load is damaging the road," the official said, pointing to the ruts produced in Pirwadhai-Faizabad segment of the road. He said that the road had been constructed for a maximum of 10 tons axel load, while these days, he said, vehicles having more than 20 tons axel load were being plying on the road. "The soft carriageways of the road couldn't stand against the load and quantum of traffic the same is carrying today," he said. He informed that he had requested the Chief Commissioner Islamabad in person to let the heavy vehicles entering the Capital through Golra Mor ply on Kashmir Highway. He had pledged to take up the issue with the Ministry of Interior but so far we have seen no results. He said that CDA had spent million of rupees on construction of rigid lanes for heavy traffic along 9th Avenue and Police Lines Road to link IJP Road and Subzi Mandi with Kashmir Highway. "It means CDA's heavy expenditures went in vain," the official deplored. He suggested that instead of barring heavy traffic from entering the Capital for security reasons, the police administration should adopt effective security measures and enhance vigilance. "Diverting traffic from one road to the other and lining up the vehicles in long queues are likely to have no positive impact on law and order situation in the city," he said. He said that ITP should had banned entry into G and H series of the sectors from Kashmir Highway until 9th Avenue, which, he said, was best way to prevent entry of heavy vehicles into the city. When contacted on phone, spokesman of ITP said that they would never allow heavy vehicles to ply on Kashmir Highway. Heavy traffic is not allowed to enter any city in the country, and the same rule is followed even across the globe, he said. The spokesman informed that ITP intended to divert the heavy traffic off Kashmir Highway even before the Marriott blast. The blast served as an immediate cause only, he said. Responding to a query, he said that construction of a bypass road capable of carrying all the heavy traffic was CDA's headache. Another high official of the Authority, too, expressed similar views and said that the Authority had officially requested the ITP to help them in lowering the burden on IJ Principal Road. However, they have not responded besides our requests for more than a single time, he said.