The PM Advisor on Finance has stated that something in the range of 6 to $10 Billion has been illegitimately siphoned off by Pakistani residents during the last 6 months, to foreign countries in particular the Gulf nations. It is also common knowledge that lower middle class expatriates residing in Gulf and Mid East, have been sending huge quantities of their hard earned savings to feed their families living in Pakistan through banks or other modes available. While the government has arrested key money changers allegedly involved in foreign exchange transfers, it has yet to identify the mode adopted to transfer such large tranches of currency. Now comes the news, that the outgoing Secretary Defence, who was granted extension in service by none other than the present PM, on recommendation of sitting Minister for Defence, has been amongst those guilty of transferring over $5 Million out of the country through the HUNDI system, which is an illegitimate system of parallel banking. It is shocking that how can a senior bureaucrat with modest salary, justify possession of such large quantity of currency and then indulge in the illegal resort to Hundi system. No wonder Pakistan today stands discredited in the comity of nations, where money laundering is considered a very serious crime. A US national of Pakistani descent has been sentenced for 110 months imprisonment followed by 30 months of parole restriction in USA, for the crime of sending $2 Million through the Hundi system. The President of Pakistan must take serious notice of the intolerance, the world has for indulgence in Hundi money transfer and money laundering. We face a crisis of credibility and are today forced to accept the IMF conditional aid, because our government has gone broke and is on the verge of going into default, because as a nation we have allowed individual greed to overshadow our national interest. The Minister who recommended extension to outgoing Sec Defence should be quizzed, since he also heads PIA, the national airline, which could also have been used for such illegal transfers of currency. In any other country the Minister would by now have tendered his resignation. But than such honourable precedents have never been adopted or enforced in Pakistan, which explains why we stand discredited.-RASHID ORAKZAI, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, November 13.