LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has said that it is his constitutional right to seek from the Chief Minister details concerning the provincial affairs. The Governor said this while talking to reporters after addressing a conference on 'Corporate sector's social responsibilities' here at a local hotel on Tuesday. Salman Taseer argued that according to Article 129 of the Constitution, the executive authority shall vest in the Governor at provincial level. The Governor can also exercise his constitutional powers directly or through his subordinate officers, he added. He pointed out that under Article 131 of the Constitution, the Chief Minister shall provide to the Governor, the information regarding administrative affairs of the province, economic policies, investment or any other matter, and that the CM has no discretion in this regard. As a representative of the federal government, it is the duty of Governor to ensure that every thing is done in accordance with the Constitution and law, he added. Salman Taseer said he wished the coalition government of Punjab to perform according to the Constitution, while honouring the rules of business. Unfortunately, some people in PML-N speak of law and the Constitution but they do not have any knowledge about the law, he added. Responding to a question, the Governor said under his constitutional powers he had written letters to the CM and not to a provincial minister, and the former had to reply to his letters. He said Punjab Law Minister had challenged his powers and also levelled severe allegations against his family. He said these people could not reply to his constitutional letters and therefore, they resorted to cheap acts just to cover up their weaknesses. He further said he would advise Mian Nawaz Sharif to just relax, and that it is unjustified to hold him (Governor) responsible for every fault. The Governor said he did not send 'Love letters' to Chief Minister but used his constitutional powers. It is not the matter of a person but the constitutional liaison between the Governor and the Chief Minister, he said, adding that he had received the replies to some letters and waiting for others.