KARACHI - Senior Sindh Minister, Pir Mazharul Haq, has criticised the major coalition partner MQM for endorsing an adjournment motion presented by Opposition leader Jam Madad Ali in the Sindh Assembly against the privatisation of Qadirpur Gas-field. His observation and comments, on Tuesday, against MQM Parliamentary leader, Syed Sardar Ahmed, who had supported the adjournment motion to be discussed in the House on Tuesday, rose temperatures on the government side of the aisle. This is perhaps for the first time that the PPP and MQM had seen and taken stand differently on an issue of much political importance in the province. The harsh comments from Pir Mazhar attracted quick reprisal from Syed Sardar Ahmed who argued that taking up an adjournment motion should not be seen as offensive. He told Pir Mazhar that his argument did not mean that the issue has been resolved and said it was just deferred for the time being. He said it was an important issue that needed attention of all legislators in the Sindh Assembly because the gas field is located in the province. As the two parliamentarians argued over the adjournment motion, MQM senior parliamentary Shoaib Bukhari also supported his party colleague. He said the MQM has already submitted a resolution in this regard when Pir Mazhar said that after clarification by the Prime Minister the matter has been resolved and no motion should be based on presumption. Pir Mazhar said that Opposition wanted to get cheap publicity by raising such non-issues. Later, the MQM leader suggested that motion on the issue was not based on any presumption and said that if admitted it would only reinforce the point of view of the House and the people of Sindh. Provincial Law Minister Ayaz Soomro supported the argument of Pir Mazhar saying the adjournment motion was redundant after the clarification of Prime Minister and asked Jam Madad Ali to withdraw the motion which under rules could not be done once it was tabled earlier. However, Jam Madad agreed to withdraw the motion provided his motion and the proposed motion of MQM on the same issue was clubbed together and tabled in the House during the current session. The treasury wriggled out of a tight corner by agreeing to bring the motion but did not specify a date for this purpose. The House which set in motion at 11-20 A.M with speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro unanimously passed a private No-23 piloted by treasury member Dr. Sikandar Mandharo reads; "this assembly resolves and strongly recommends to the government of Sindh to take effective measures towards protecting the precious land in coastal areas of Badin and Thatta districts. The active process of sea intrusion and ever-increasing rate of erosion has already eaten away millions of acres of fertile land, pushing the population into insurmountable socio-economic hardships". Substantiating his resolution Mandharo said 21,5,25 hectare of fertile land of six talukas in Thatta has gone under seawater and added that the process of sea erosion started in 1962 after General Ayub Khan and former Indian PM Nehru inked an agreement on water. Dr. Sikandar Mandharo said that according to experts 80 acres of fertile land per day is going down under the sea and added that in the next 40 to 50 years the districts of Thatta and Badin would be inundated by the sea if corrective measures were adopted. He said that sea erosion has stopped in the world by constructing coastal highways and spurs to stop intrusion of sea on land. He said that coastal areas of Sindh is God-gifted and wind in this area blow at the speed of 4to 8 meter per second which is the fastest and good for running wind mills to generate power. This wind last for full eight months which was an added advantage. Sindh can generate sufficient power from windmills to meet its electricity needs. PPP member from Thatta Humera Alwani, Anwar Mehar, MQM legislator Heer Soho Pir Bachal Shah, Sindh minister for Irrigation Murad Ali Shah, Manzoor Wassan and others expressed their views and endorsed the resolution. To mark the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Woman, the House also unanimously approved an out-of-the-turn resolution tabled by Sindh Information Minister Ms. Shazia Marri.