LAHORE - Senior Punjab Minister, Raja Riaz and Punjab Minister for Law, Rana Sanaulla on Tuesday assured Punjab Assembly that no proposal was under consideration of the government to impose agriculture tax on farmers under IMF pressure. The two ministers gave this assurance to the House, following assembly debate on the issue, which ensued when a PML-N legislator Waris Kullo pressed his point that House should pass a resolution asking federal government to withdraw its decision to impose agri tax on farmers. Senior Minister, Raja Riaz told the House that it had already been stated categorically in the National Assembly by the concerned minister that government had no intention to impose the tax on agriculturists. He said talk of agri tax being imposed on farmers was part of propaganda being launched against the government. He said shadows of uniform were still looming large over present government, which, he said, was still experiencing the impacts of Musharraf's skin (uniform). Raja claimed that government has got loan from the IMF under its own terms and conditions. Law Minister Rana Sanaulla also opposed the proposed resolution Waris Kullo intended to move in the House, saying that under the constitution, the levying of agri tax was a provincial subject, and federal government had nothing to do with that. He also explained before assembly members that Punjab government has no intention of imposing any such tax. It was strange to note that despite assurance two senior Punjab government ministers that neither the federal nor provincial government had any plan to impose agri tax on farmers. Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood allowed debate in the House over the issue in question. He also decided to keep a similar resolution pending till next sitting of the House moved by another member despite the fact that the mover Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana was not present. Upon this, PPP's Azma Zahid Bukhari stood on a point of order and said that after assurance from the ministers that agri tax would not be imposed on farmers, there was no point in keeping the motion pending. She alleged that deputy speaker was pursuing some one's agenda. The chair, however, did not allow her to speak any more.