Poverty is a trap that is now engulfing all of the third world, which is denied and restricted from just and rightful trade. The pity is that it has to more often than not face the menace of sanctions from the rich countries. It has been argued by philosophers, economists and sociologists that poverty has been existing forever? Which raises the question is poverty natural? Considering what Karl Marx said years ago the fact remains that in an attempt to improve the destiny of the poor, without taking anything from anybody and without changing the social order, most of the resources will go to the affluent and the rest to the underprivileged. Throughout history positive efforts have always been motivated by concentrated wealth, not by the divided one. The government can govern because it taxes the masses. It is because of the concentration of wealth in the hands of the rich that society can make general growth, expand new institutions, services, and art, and become more liberal.-MUHAMMAD FAISAL RAFIQ, November 25.