IT would be difficult to disagree with the outburst of PML (N) leader Mian Nawaz Sharif against the PPP-led government when he accuses it of continuing the old order established by General Musharraf. After meeting Ambassadors of a number of countries at Islamabad on Monday, he held out the assurance of his party's unqualified support to the government at the centre but only if it were to bring the country's Constitution back to its original form of 1973 and let the set-up function in accordance with the ideology of Pakistan. One could not also find fault with his grouse against the PPP for not reinstating the deposed judiciary despite having made firm commitments to do so. He made an oblique reference to the aerial raids by US drones and said that the country's sovereignty was being violated. The Punjab Governor's statements and letters to the Punjab government must have prompted Mian Nawaz to express the view that he was instrumental in creating hurdles in doing away with the 17th Amendment and misleading President Zardari against the PML(N). He questioned the justification for keeping the Amendment as well as the National Security Council intact. Although he was quoted as saying that he was exercising patience in the interest of the country and democracy and would not create trouble for the PPP-led government, a news report suggests that the PML(N) has decided in principle to give a tough time to it. And for this purpose, efforts are afoot to revive the All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM) and contacts are underway with their leaderships. Mian Nawaz must, however, seriously consider the implications for the future of the democratic system in the country if his party were to launch any movement or agitation with the help of the APDM whose possibility the news story has raised. Pakistan's present circumstances cannot bear its destabilising effect. The PPP leadership, on the other hand, must honour its promises to the public to save the situation.