LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has invited Governor Salman Taseer to address Punjab Assembly to express his reservations about performance of the Punjab government instead of writing letters on the subject to the chief minister. Talking to the media outside Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, the minister termed the practice of writing letters by the Punjab governor to the chief minister as unconstitutional, and invited Salman Taseer to address the assembly, and identify the areas wherein the government was not performing up to the mark in his opinion. Sana asked Taseer to study the Constitution in his leisure time to get acquaintance with his constitutional role in the province. The law minister also volunteered to assist the governor in case he faced any problem of comprehension while studying the Constitution. Sana was of the view that under the Constitution, the governor of a province is supposed to be an impartial person, who should not affiliate himself with any political party. He questioned the conduct of Salman Taseer as governor, saying that as against his true constitutional role, he was openly talking of galvanising a political party in Punjab. Rana was referring to governor's frequent statements about making Punjab the bastion of PPP and turning Lahore into Larkana.