COLOMBO (AFP) - Security forces ambushed and killed scores of Tamil Tigers in northern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, the defence ministry said, adding its troops were poised to take the rebels' political capital. Government soldiers occupying a newly-captured bunker line in the Jaffna peninsula carried out the ambush early Tuesday, the ministry said in a statement. It did not say if there were casualties among troops. However, the ministry said government soldiers in the northern mainland were set to take the town of Kilinochchi, the political capital of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Heavy fighting was raging along three fronts on the outskirts of Kilinochchi despite monsoon rains, the ministry said. "Soldiers are busy with strengthening the supply backbone for troops in the forward areas with loads of food, drinking water and medicine being transported there," the ministry said. "Troops await the next move. 'Kilinochchi we are coming' is their motto," the statement added. On another front in the north, troops took the village of Olumadu from the Tigers on Tuesday after days of fierce fighting, the ministry said without giving details of casualties. "Search operations conducted so far uncovered a body of a terrorist and troops are engaged in further consolidating operations," the ministry said. On Monday, the ministry said 27 soldiers had been killed and another 70 wounded in fighting around Kilinochchi. The Tigers said they killed 43 troops while the military claimed they had killed more than 120 rebels. Sri Lanka's government, which pulled out of a Norwegian-brokered truce in January, has vowed to take the Tiger's political capital and dismantle the LTTE's mini-state. Authorities in Sri Lanka have restricted access to the embattled areas for journalists as well as most aid workers, meaning that claims by either side in the decades-old conflict are difficult to verify independently.