LAHORE - The Federal government has asked the Punjab government to probe into the human rights abuse reportedly by three ex-armymen at the Janki Devi Maternity Hospital. Joint Secretary Human Rights Division of the Federal government Khalid Amin Qureshi has written a letter to Chief Secretary Punjab Javed Mahmood asking him to probe the abuses reportedly by ex-servicemen. In this regard, a letter was submitted with the Division, maintaining that the trio of ex-servicemen Lt.-Gen (r) Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Maj.-Gen (r) Muhammad Javed and Col (r) Izharul Haq Adeeb, with the connivance and collusion of the Evacuee Trust Property Board officials defying the Federal govt's orders, and making the Janki Devi Maternity Hospital Lahore a harassment centre by using the Punjab Police. According to the documents made available by sources, Dr Rubina joined Janki Devi Hospital Lahore - a charitable institution under the ETPB - as a gynaecologist through the ETPB selection board in 1994, promoted to grade 19 in November 2000 and was appointed as medical superintendent later. Secretary institutions ETPB Col (r) Izharul Haq, who is a close relative of former Chairman ETPB Lt-Gen Zulfiqar, started interfering in Hospital's affairs and victimising the staff members. Dr Rubina complained to the Ministry against the inappropriate conduct of Gen (r) Zulfiqar (Father-in-law of Col (r) Izhar's son), and the Colonel as well for confining her illegally and forcing her to resign. As per details, Gen (r) Zulfiqar summoned Dr Rubina on December 28, 2005, and threatened to withdraw complaints and application against Col (r) Izhar. He also ordered her to write and sign an application as dictated by him. She signed it because he illegally confined her in his office for almost half an hour and he did not allow her to leave the office. He also threatened to fabricate a false fraud case against her, and she would be handed over to the police. Both men made her life miserable and she could not continue her job, and resigned on December 31, 2005. However, she was re-instated on July 28 this year. In June 2006, Col Izhar tried to molest a doctor at the Hospital's Administrative Office. The matter was reported to the police, but was hushed up. This year, the Ministry ordered incumbent Chairman ETPB Gen (r) Javed to take the administrative and financial control of the Janki Devi Hospital, Jamiat Singh Hospital and Dayal Singh Trust Library due to serious audit objections because an officer - who is not an employee of the ETP Board - is not competent to handle financial matters of these institutions. On Sep 19 and 23 this year, notices to vacate the official residences were served upon doctors Farrah, Fehmida, Samina by Col (r) Izhar only to harass the doctors. On Oct 14 the same year, Dr Samina personally gave an application to Gen (r) Javed about the harassment caused by Col (r) Izhar, but the Chairman did not take any action. On Oct 21, the Ministry sent another letter ordering the ETPB Chairman to implement the orders, but the ex-servicemen trio with the connivance and collusion of others disobeyed the Federal govt's order abolished the post of the M S and handed over the admin and medical supervisory control to Col Izhar (r) of the hospital. However, the above order met with a bitter rebuttal when on October 23, Col. (r) Izhar lodged an FIR No 1085/2008 at the Qila Gujjar Singh Police Station, Lahore against a few including the lady doctors accusing them of hurling life threats on him. Now both the lady doctors are facing criminal case, while Dr Rubina is waiting for her posting.