Bank of Punjab's mega loan defaulter, Sheikh Afzal has been brought back from Malaysia. He has spilled beans and named names of those who also took a slice of the loot. Some worthies like Waseem Sajjad, Malik Qayum, and Sharifuddin Pirzada being mentioned among the beneficiaries didn't surprise anyone. But for PPP's debonair minister incharge of the parliament, Babar Awan, to be among the recipients of the loot was a surprise. 'Dr' Awan, whose doctorate was questioned sometime back, regularly lectures on religion on one of the TV channels. Who would listen to his rants to the faithful now? Another one who stands out distinctly among the moneygrabbers, is my favourite, Waseem Sajjad. I love to watch him maneuvering to be close to the pickings. And he does it with the suave dignity of a Rhodes scholar. Principles, morals, scruples, ethics do not exist when matters of (enormous) wealth are at hand. Do you recall any government in which Sajjad was not Mr Somebody?-DR. A. P. SANGDIL, Norway, November 25.