Americans are very proficient in locating targets in FATA and then targeting them with their drones with utmost precision. I wonder, though, why can't they trace the militants that are (supposedly) carrying very heavy weapons while they cross into Pakistani areas like FATA. Also, the US is unable to trace the training camps inside Afghanistan where these militants are being trained by anti-Pakistani forces, names of India and Israel are quoted, with the active collusion of the Afghan authorities. For any rational mind, this arguments is more than sufficient to prove that whatever is happening in FATA and elsewhere in Pakistan is actually backed fully by the US. The terrorists are terrorizing Pakistan and Pakistanis through courtesy of the United States of America, the so-called friend of Pakistan. In Pakistan, everyone is convinced now that the credit for whatever terrorism takes place in our country goes to none other than our great friend, the USA. The sad aspect of all this is that despite our having caught some Indian-trained militants from Afghanistan and seizure of caches of arms bearing Indian and Israeli markings, our government has remained tightlipped. Why can't the government produce these militants on TV? Why the arms and ammunition bearing Indian and Israeli markings are not shown on TV and photographs of all of these released in the print media. -MAHMOOD GHAZANVI, Sialkot, November 24.