PPP and its coalition partners appear to have lost moral, political, legal ground to stay in power. The Balochistan package, unfortunately, did not find the desired acceptability from other political parties. Perhaps it was brought in a hurry in the Parliament for discussion primarily to digress public attention from the NRO. It has further weakened the present coalition (conglomerate?). The list of more than eight thousand corrupt among the country's bureaucracy and polito-cracy has taken the wind out of the PPP sails. The people's trust in them is badly shaken. The more heinous-looking criminal cases that the PPP has inserted in the list against the MQM leadership would not provide them the cover they have sought nor obscure PPP's own corruption. The PPP leaders appearing on the friendly TV channels are now trying to confuse the issue. They have even dragged the Charter of Democracy into it by alleging that Nawaz Sharif is not respecting the COD by failing to protect his NROed allies from the due legal process. The PPP has very conveniently forgotten the fact that it had itself trampled upon the COD with contempt and kept doing so for nineteen months. Even today, it continues to hold on to the 58-2B and the 17th amendment, hoping to ride on the acquiescent PML-N indefinitely with out resolving these issues. The entire effort of ruling junta is once again to digress the attention of public, their own party men and their aggrieved partners by putting the blame on Nawaz Sharif for their tarnished image. Nawaz Sharif should not budge now and stand behind the public who wants all those who benefited from the NRO to be tried under the law. -NOORUDIN, Paris, November 25.