At long last, the judicial report on Babri Masjid desecration has come. It took 17 years coming but it has accused the BJP, especially its present leader L. K. Advani of having a role in the ugly incident. I am sure all Pakistanis must have seen uproar in the Indian Lok Sabha on their televisions. India proudly presents itself as the champion of democracy. It also claims itself to be a strong advocate of the equality of rights of the minorities. So question baffling the observers all over will be that how is India going to get away with this internationally? If you ask me, no stone would be cast at them. Their embassies abroad work unlike ours. This is a wake up call to our 'Babus' in the Foreign Office. Get in the action-mode -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore. November 24.