ISLAMABAD - The federal government and the Punjab province have denied to take responsibility of controlling the exploitation being done by the fertilizer manufacturers that are selling urea on higher price and also have made it mandatory for the farmers to buy DAP along with the urea fertilizer. As per the market sources, the fertilizers mafia is refusing the farmers to sell them only urea fertilizer if they dont buy DAP. The justified price of urea fertilizer should not be more than Rs 1500-1600 but the dealers are charging Rs 2100 for one bag of urea and also are forcing the growers to buy one bag of DAP fertilizer along with a bag of urea. The cost for one bag of DAP at the moment is Rs 4200 that is out of the range of farmers so they do not want to buy it but the dealers are not providing them urea otherwise. It is pertinent to mention here that urea fertilizer manufacturers in Pakistan also import DAP but due to heavy cost their stock is not being sold so they are adopting such ways to clear their stock and mint money. When the representatives of farmers approached the provincial government, it put the responsibility on the federal government while the central government on the other side claims that it is provincial subject and the provinces should take action against such crimes. It is feared that due to the factor that fertilizer manufacturers and dealer have total free hand at the moment to exploit the farmers that will resultantly damage the agricultural sector of the country as the use of fertilizer would definitely decrease thus decreasing the wheat production in the country. The government has set the wheat production target of not less than 25 million tons but in the present circumstance there can be a heavy dent on the production of said commodity that would force the government to import the product thus damaging financially the national kitty.