The deprived and denied people of Sindh, especially, the youth segment of the Sindhi society, feel betrayed by the present provincial government which has an army of ministers, advisers and consultants doing nothing to address the genuine and chronic issues of the people. Regrettably, nothing has changed in Sindh province. The crime and corruption which were institutionalised during the past dictatorial regimes have alarmingly enhanced in the upper and lower Sindh districts nowadays. The disillusionment and frustration with the growing ineffectiveness of the provincial government is gradually driving poor people to take law into their hands and lead a life of cats and dogs. Previously, only a few districts were a hub of thieves and dacoits and burning in the flames of tribal clashes but nowadays every district has become the den of dacoits and battleground for tribal killings. Relevant is the example of my home district Larkano. Only the other day a tribal clash between two prominent tribes knows as 'Kalhoras and 'Lasharis have claimed four lives and left scores critically injured and maimed. The warring tribes use all sorts of sophisticated weapons which are being smuggled and supplied to them by notorious smugglers who have shifted from tribal areas and KPK and settled down themselves in upper Sindh districts such as Ghotki, Jacobabad, Qmabar/Shahdad Kot, Kashmor/Kandh Kot . The local police officers, indeed, know the ins and outs about the smugglers, the drug barons and their mentors in the corridors of power and politics but dare not take any action against those well-connected drug traffickers and smugglers. Since ours is a corrupt and criminal society, hence, reasons are obvious for not taking any action against those. Sindh is indeed, bleeding and its peace-loving people are economically suffering because the callousness and cruelty of a chosen few in the corridors of power and politics. However, hoping against hope, I throw this question: Is there anyone to remove the tears from the eyes of ill-fated people of Sindh by launching socioeconomic development schemes and establishing the agro-industries and bringing law and order under control in the upper and lower Sindhs twenty one districts? HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, November 23.