ABU DHABI Hundreds of thousands of sports lovers thronged the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium to witness Pak-Lankan one-off Twenty20 on Friday as about three kilometres long queues were witnessed and fans waited for hours to enter the stadium. People travelled from all over United Arab Emirates to witness the contest and there were some touching scenes as people who were left stranded due to long blockades of roads as there were like sea of vehicles waiting for entrance in to the stadium. People of almost all the age groups including female spectators come to ground as it was a public holiday on Friday and they wanted to enjoy their weekend by witnessing their respective countries clashing for the one last time in the series. When this scribe talked with some supporters on the road who were looking desperate to reach the stadium and watch the action unfold replied: We are enjoying even standing on the road as the pillars of the stadium are clearly visible even from such distance and we are hopeful we will be soon in the ground and watch our heroes in action. One of the spectators said: Though it is not a good feeling, Pakistanis are deprived of watching international cricket at home grounds but the people residing in UAE had provided their heroes a home-like feeling and came in numbers to show their love and passion for the game. Former Pakistan President Pervaiz Mushraf was also among the spectators who to witness the match. While talking informally with the select group of journalists Musharraf said, I don't want to talk about politics as I have come here to watch Pakistan team and support them after a long time. "As far as my promised as concerned about returning to Pakistan on January 31st I will honour my words". He further said, Pakistan is a very peaceful country and they deserve better treatment from international sporting circles, world community must have to use their influence to help in reviving sports in Pakistan and Pakistan is completely safe for all kinds of sporting activities, he concluded. MOHSIN ALI