OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE At least five men were murdered over old enmity in two different incidents here in the City on Friday. In the first incident, three factory workers were found brutally slaughtered inside their residential quarter here in Islampura Area, police said on Friday. Investigators believed that the terrible killings of a 40-year-old man and his two nephews were the outcome old enmity. The deceased men were later identified as Iqbal Afzal, 40, Ali Raza, 25, and Khizar Hayat, 23. The youth Ali Raza and Khizar Hayat are said to be real brothers, and resident of a village (39/4-L) of Okara district. The police have arrested a man, identified as Muhammad Nazir, said to be the real brother of Iqbal Afzal in connection with the killings and are interrogating him. The dead bodies of Iqbal Afzal and his nephews were lying in a pool of blood next to each other as the police investigators rushed to the crime scene. On Friday morning, some factory workers spotted their dead bodies as they arrived at the factory for daily working and disclosed the happening to the police by phone. The men were lying dead in their one-room residential quarter situated in the premise of the shoe factory located at Chohan Road in Akram Park area. The police investigators collected evidences from the crime scene and removed the bodies to morgue for autopsy. Investigators suspected that the motives behind the merciless killings could be old enmity. According to the initial investigations, the deceased men had developed enmity with some landlord in their native town after they had killed a man, suspecting him an armed robber. However, the notables of the area had intervened and managed to reconcile the dispute between the two parties in the recent past.In the second incident, six gunmen riding on motorcycles sprayed a 45-year-old car-rider and his friend with bullets in Kahna area and fled away. Police said that resident of Shadipura Rana Muhammad Iqbal, riding on a car, along with his 40-year-old friend Ghulam Nabi was on his way home when six unidentified motorcyclists intercepted at main Ferozepur Road. The gunmen opened straight fire at them and fled away. Both the friends were rushed to a local hospital, where they were pronounced dead.